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One more reason for Upton ARLFC fans to be delighted about is that it has received a defibrillator from Heartbeat sports. The grant from Wakefield and District housing has aided the club in investing in buying a defibrillator and add it to their first aid safety kit. Fourteen Staff members of the club have also been trained for the effective use of the equipment.

Defibrillator is an electronic device used to revive the heart beat by giving electric shock to the heart, in case of emergencies where there is a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The shock re-establishes the regular contraction of the heart. The recent market has seen a portable defibrillator.

Symptoms of SCA

  • Symptoms of SCA are drastic, immediate and include:
  • Absence of pulse
  • Absence of breathing
  • Sudden collapse
  • Sudden Unconsciousness

Few other symptoms include fatigue, blackouts, fainting, chest pain, dizziness, breathlessness, palpitations accompanied with vomiting. Most of the time SCA occurs without any warning.

What it means to the players is that the site would be manned by someone at all times at the time of the play to provide emergency response for unforeseen circumstances. The club has taken steps to safeguard their premises from SCA and that is indeed a great news.

SCA – Sudden Cardiac Arrest has made headlines recently in Professional and amateur sports. If we recall the incidence of Fabrice Muamba, the Bolton Wanderers player, suffered an SCA at the time of FA cup against Tottenham Hotspur. After the immediate treatment in the pitch lasting for several minutes, he revived and he now admits openly that he wouldn’t be here if not for the response team.

No such incidents have happened in Upton club, but that doesn’t mean not to seek a defibrillator. The use of this equipment makes a huge difference between a life saving call and a tragedy in many cases.

The child welfare officer of Upton Elaine Dawson states that they have a total of seven teams under various age groups. The teams are under eight up to Open age. While he is thankful for the grant from Wakefield and District housing, he hopes that there should not be a need to used the defibrillator at any point in time. The staff starting from bar staff to committee members have been trained on the effective use of the equipment so as to make sure there is someone always available on site to use the equipment in case of emergency.

Wakefield and District Housing Involvement Officer Jane Gwilliam, handed over the cheque to the club and said that the Upton club is one among the busiest in the local community and the catchy thing is the number of young players playing here every week and WDH is delighted that they are able to help the club purchase a crucial and valuable equipment which can safeguard the staff, spectators and players all equally.

There is a Charity based out of West Yorkshire called Heartbeat of Sport. They are spreading awareness and campaigning that all sporting clubs to possess and AED –  Automated External Defibrillator. They are happy to help clubs which need to protect the players, staff and members by providing training.