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Are you a fan of reading about laws? Do you love hearing and analyzing a case story and have confidence in expressing your idea in public. You have a passion in helping people in the situation where they were treated wrongly,and you try to defend them with the knowledge you know about laws. If you have these kinds of characteristics, the best career path for you is to become a Solicitor. A solicitor is a law practitioner that deals about legal proceeding within jurisdictions. But becoming a solicitor is not easy; if you don’t know what the process to become a Solicitor is. It is a must to continue reading this article.

There are important requirements you need to complete and currently there are three main ways to become a solicitor

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The three main ways:

  • Graduated with a law degree, qualified for a law degree and followed by the LPC (Legal Practice Course) or
  • Taking and graduating in a non-law course then take the CPE (Common Professional Examination)
  • Completed the membership of CILEX (Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) at the same time you are working within a law profession.

LLB is an undergraduate profession degree offer to the students who want to pursue a career in the law profession. But before that, you need three good grades levels A and minimum of five GCSEs. Other qualifications such as Higher Education and Access might be acceptable. There are universities required to pass the LNAT (National Admission Test for Law) before you are qualified to take a law degree.

In qualifying for law degree, it will tackle about several areas such as:

  • Constitutional human rights and law
  • Property law
  • European Union law
  • Contract law and Criminal law

When you have completed the law degree course or the GDL/CPE as a conversion course, you should pass the LPC (Legal Practice Course). You need to take this full time for one year or part-time for two years and it will tackle areas such as:

  • Professional conduct
  • Probate
  • Business law
  • Civil litigation and criminal

The LPC and GDL/CPE stages are already done if you choose to follow the CILEX way outlined in the Training and Development. You can search about the whole list of institutions that are offering qualified degree of law such as the LPC and GDLs/CPE on the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) websites. Check the correct requirements for entry with the course source.

The last stage from qualifying to practice- real based training, mostly people called this a “training contract”. Where the training is a work-based program, which means you will be training within the law department or law firm organization and let you expose and practice your skill with supervision.

Achieving a dream needspatience because it takes a long period of time. Becoming a Solicitor needs to go through a lot of process so you can be skilful and qualified Solicitor. Plus not just in profession name or title, a real Solicitor has a genuine heart to serve and defend the people. If you are looking for a place to expose your Solicitor skills try applying in a2solicitor’s family law services.