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 Football Rules You Need To Know

Rules of any games is officially known as “Laws of the Game”. The details Laws of Football can be obtained from the FIFA website in details.

As a football fan I would like to bring to you the top 12  rules or Laws

There are in total 17 laws in total out of which 12 briefed below :

  1. Playing field : Football can be played on natural or artificial ground, all that is required is the ground must be green and rectangular. The longer sides of rectangle is the touch line and the shorter side the goal lines. The line which divides this field into half is the halfway line.
  2. Spherical Ball: .Ball has to be spherical in shape , made of leather, 680 to700 mm circumference and specific pressure.
  3. Players : Two teams , Each team should not have more than 11 players including goalkeeper. Game cannot be started with less than 7 players.
  4. Uniform : Jersey, shorts, stockings, shinguards and footwear has to be worn by the players.
  5. Referee : Referee should be clear that the laws of the game is followed strictly. There might be 2 assistant referees as well
  6. Duration :  the total duration of the match is 1 hour and 30 minutes which is divided into two halves with each containing 45 minutes. Not more than 15 minutes half interval needs to be followed. If there is any stoppage at the time of the play extra time for compensation can be given by the referee.
  7. Start or Restart : The game starts with a kick-off  at the beginning or after the scoreboard is ticked with a goal.  Kick-off is when a player kicks the ball and gets it rolling from the centre spot. Players should be in their respective halves before the kick-off.  Tossing a coin before the game and letting the winner of the toss choose the side they want to play is a pre-game formality. Post half time the teams change the sides. Once a goal is scored the team scoring the goal will kick off the game again.
  • Ball in – Ball out : It is considered out when a goal gets completed or when referee stops. All other times the ball is in play.
  • Scoring : A point is scored when the ball goes past the goal line within goal mouth.
  • Fouls : Using an offensive language, or using excessive force deliberately or undeliberately is foul. Dealing of the ball with hands (except for a goal keeper) is also foul. Yellow card is shown for lesser offense and Red card for serious offense, where the player is sent off the field. When a player is given two yellow cards , it would equate to single red card.
  • Penalty Kick : These are given to the playing team which has committed an offense. Penalty kick is a free direct kick inside the goal area. The penalty kick is done from a penalty spot.
  • Corner Kick : A corner kick is awarded when the ball passes the borderline or goal line and was dealt up by the defending member . The corner kick should be taken from the corner where the ball crossed the goal line.