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Even with the recent developments in technology and advancements in dental care, many people still suffer from unflattering and unconfident smiles that are often caused by a missing tooth. Tooth loss can be caused by several instances – tooth decay, gingivitis or gum disease and even occasional injuries but regardless of what caused tooth loss, it’s effect to an individual’s self esteem can very damaging. But thanks to modern day technology and medicine, dentists have found a way to work around tooth loss and remedy a dying smile.

The roots of teeth are replaced during the dental implant process. Some dental implants are temporary and removable while others can be permanent, the choice lies on the patient and his or her needs. But like every medical procedure, there are advantages, disadvantages and risks to be looked into when you are looking into getting a dental implant.

There are many advantages to getting a dental implant. Here are some:

  1. Better appearance

It is common knowledge that a full set of teeth is better than when there are several teeth missing. Plus, implants are permanent seeing as though they are designed to grow and adapt to your dental bones.

  1. Improved Speech

Dentures that do not fit right may cause impaired speech. Dentures that slip off the gums are utterly unpleasant not only to the sight of people around you but also to your personal confidence level.

  1. Comfort

As said earlier, dentures may fall off the gums anytime. However, dental implants are permanent and thus save the client from ever being self conscious when talking or eating.

  1. Better Oral Health

Because dental implants do not need the reduction of other teeth like bridging, and no teeth are manipulated to move a certain way, teeth remain intact in their original position.

  1. Improved Self-esteem

The smile you’ve always loved can be given back to you and there is nothing better than having a full set of teeth when you flash the world your bright and beautiful smile.

Although the list above seems very appealing and persuasive, there are of course other factors to be considered.

If you’re wondering how successful dental implants are, that’s completely normal. The success of a dental implantation procedure varies from one patient to another depending on what part of the jaw the tooth is being implanted. However, statistics show very high successful dental implants rate. It is said that, in general, dental implants are 98% successful. The patient also has the responsibility to take better care of his or her oral health to make sure the implants last as long as possible.

A lot of people also second guess whether or not they should get dental implants or not, this is because of the pain one might experience during the procedure. However, there is no need for such worry since local anesthesia is used during the procedure, thus very little discomfort is experienced during the session.

It is clear that the pros outweigh the cons. With a properly executed dental implantation process, then a person’s can be as bright as ever.